About Little Footz

Damion Brown aka Little Footz CEO of Little Foots Memories photography and manager for Little Footz Models. Born in Brooklyn NY raised around music, art, and history Damion grew a passion for capturing things he would never want to forget. Damion started off taking photos of train cars, train stations, and buildings with graffiti on them. He then moved to Washington DC where he found a love for capturing people in their everyday lives. Over the years he learned more and more trying to perfect his photography skills. Damion wanted his work to be seen on a world wide scale so he created Little Foots Memories photography to build a business. He connected with other photographers, artist, and stylist to build a team of professionals that love creating art, and making people smile by just doing what they love. Anyone can pick up a camera today that takes high quality digital images, but his experience and mastery of photography allows him to create works of art.

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